Manuscript Repair & Rewrite

From Jerry:

Have your self-editing terms handy, as I refer to them frequently [click here].

And remember, my repair and rewrite represents a first pass-through and is, of course, limited to the reality that I’m seeing only the first page and do not have the benefit of knowing the context of the entire manuscript.

Also, editing is subjective. I tend to be a minimalist and often have to go back after my first revision passthrough and add a little music back in so the piece doesn’t read too choppily.

Cutting almost always adds power. In the end, look for basically the same story, same words, usually in the same order—just a lot fewer of them. 😊

Keep in mind that these suggested adjustments are just that—suggestions. In the end, the piece belongs to the writer, and he or she must decide what they resonate with, what to include, what to ignore.

I try to be straightforward without being unkind or too blunt, but I do feel I owe it to you to tell you the truth. And as I often say, I hope you find these helpful.

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