The Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild

"I'm working on a book."

How Many Times Have You Said That?

More than you care to admit?

More than you care to admit?

To your family.

Your friends.

Even your co-workers.

And the more times you say it, the less real it seems.

Sure, you’re working on a book.

But will you ever finish it?

If you’re like me, you have a story and a message you’re desperate to share.

It’s burning inside you.

But writing your book feels impossible.

Every time you sit to write, one or more of these things happen:

  • You feel unbearable pressure to be perfect
  • You remember posting your writing online, and it was apparently read by no one
  • You worry that if someone did read it, they thought it was terrible
  • That voice in your head tells you you’re foolish to call yourself a writer
  • You find yourself distracted by chores, the internet, you name it

So much for progress. Maybe you’ll write tomorrow.

Week after week goes by with little or no progress.

Have those weeks turned into months?

Or years?

Does fear keep you from really going for it?

If you’ve written anything, is it still hidden somewhere in a computer file —

Where no one will ever read it, let alone be changed by it?

Maybe you’ve even quit saying, I’m working on a book.

Most heartbreaking, have you begun to accept that your book will never see the light of day.

But what if your message, your story, should be heard by multitudes desperate for someone to transform them with just the right book?

If you don’t take action — if you don’t find a way to break through your fear, your discouragement, your lack of training…

The story within you will wither away without ever reaching readers.

finish — or even start — the book you know you have within you, keep reading.

You’re about to discover how bestselling authors overcome the very same obstacles you face and write books that reach the world.

Yes, successful writers deal with the same fears and barriers you do. They’ve simply found ways to break through. And you can too.

After more than 45 years in writing and publishing, seeing thousands of passionate writers finish and release their books –– and countless more give up and fail –– I've discovered a common denominator in those who reach their goals.

I’ll tell you about that, but first, let me introduce myself.


I’m Jerry Jenkins, author of nearly 200 books — including the Left Behind series. My books have sold more than 71 million copies, and 21 have hit the New York Times bestseller list.

I don’t tell you that to brag, but just to say I’ve been at this a long time. And I’ve learned that sometimes the difference between a writer who fails…

And a writer who succeeds…

Is simply

Better Guidance.

So before you decide there’s no place for you in this business, consider this:

To help reveal the secrets of powerful writing, I’ve created an online program where you have access to:

1. The Knowledge

of the top writing experts in the world

2. Motivation

from a writing community invested in your success

3. Personal Mentoring

from me


Introducing The Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild


Here you’ll find quality, proven mentoring from some of the most experienced minds in the writing world.

With their guidance, you can go from just talking about your book to actually writing it.

exactly how these bestselling authors capture the hearts and minds of the masses.

And when I tell you how ridiculously cheap it is to check this out for 14 days, you’ll wonder if I’ve lost my mind. (I’m pretty sure I haven’t.)

I designed my Writers Guild (a community of over 1500 members already) for:

  • Aspiring authors struggling to finish their books
  • Those who don’t even know where to start
  • Writers with manuscripts they know need a lot of work

You’ll hear from many of the top writing experts in the world, and I’ll teach you everything I know about writing.

If you’re ready to get serious about your writing, expand your influence, and share your message in a way that can radically transform people, this is for you.

I’m so convinced you’ll find immediate value in this that I’ll let you try the Guild for 14 days for just $1.

You don’t need to struggle for months or years to improve your writing.

And I’ll prove it.

When you join for the $1 trial, you’ll gain immediate access to a mini-course, 9 Days to Better Writing. Regardless your skill or talent when you start, I believe in just 9 days you’ll become a better writer.

In this first course alone, I’ll teach you:

  • To master the cardinal rule of showing, not telling
  • The storytelling techniques of New York Times bestselling author Don Miller
  • How to eliminate needless words and add power to your prose
  • Trigger the theater of your reader’s mind
  • How to write compelling dialogue
  • How to ferociously edit your manuscript to give it the best chance with a publisher

You’ll even be able to sit in on a virtual Master Class on maximizing your writing time, led by New York Times bestselling author Joanna Penn.

For just $1 you can invest 9 of your 14 trial days to becoming a stronger, more confident writer. That still leaves you plenty of time to explore the rest of the vast resources available to you in the Guild — more than five years’ worth of archived training.

We’ve organized The Guild to guide you step-by-step through all the training. Or you’re free to peruse on your own any features that appeal to you.

Once you finish 9 Days to Better Writing, you can dive deeper into either fiction or nonfiction writing — or both.

Note: After 14 days, you will be automatically charged $49 per month for your membership. You can cancel this at any time or request to cancel before your 14 day trial ends by emailing us at

“I can hardly believe you are so generous with your knowledge, transparency, and time to help others hone their craft. I’ve heard you speak at several writers conferences and have loved learning from you. Now that I’m a part of the Guild, your webinars and materials have given me such substance and direction. They are extraordinary! Thank you a zillion times over.”

— Jan Hail

What You’ll Get as a Member of the Guild

Tons of training, tools, and case studies to appeal to your specific learning style.

From Guild Members:


"I’ve seen my writing dramatically improve in a few short months, thanks to Jerry’s points about dialogue and self-editing! Learning from a more experienced professional is something many people pay thousands of dollars and travel hundreds of miles to do. I can do it curled up in my pajamas at home!"

— Sarah Pierce


"I joined the Guild with a fully written manuscript and a desperate need to learn how to edit it properly. I’ve learned to ferociously self-edit, show and not tell, use dialogue to drive more of the story, and choose point of view characters for each scene. The book reads so much better now!"

— Timothy Thomas

Screenshot 2019-03-25 11.16.12

“Things I learned in the short time since I joined the Guild helped me to edit to the point the story became clear and crisp. I’m blessed to have been able to learn so much so quickly! I just sold my first piece. Thanks for all your help at the Guild!”

— Sherry Stacy


"I have tried to embrace all the great info you share, Jerry. The result has been three publishers asking for a book proposal. I am a first-time writer and felt overwhelmed with the process until I found your Guild."

— Elaine Bush

You'll have access to:

Live Online Workshops

Master specific areas of writing

Office Hours

Ask me your toughest questions — LIVE

Master Classes

Get exclusive tips and advice from renowned authors and editors

Manuscript Repair & Rewrite

Watch as I apply my proven editing strategy to the first page of a Guild member’s manuscript (many call this my most valuable training)

Jumpstart Courses

Get a head start on fiction and nonfiction basics

Ask Jerry

Jerry visits here frequently to answer your questions.

This represents well over 100 hours of training that will help you become the best writer you can be. But I don’t expect you to navigate this vast library of writing advice alone! 

We’ve organized The Guild into step-by-step courses that guide you through each lesson, right when you need it. This way you know what I recommend next for you. 

How do I know what you need next? Because when you log in for the first time, we ask about your writing. What you tell us helps us tailor the Guild to you, so you can get better in the least amount of time. 

And any time you want to branch out and explore our entire library, it’s always available to you.

The Details

You’ll have 24/7 access to:

Live Online Workshops

We’ll get together once a month for an exclusive members-only live training session.

I design each workshop to help you master a particular writing process. My goal is to improve your writing and help get it in front of more eyes. I even occasionally bring in surprise guests!

And, once per quarter, I host a Thick-Skinned Manuscript Critique Clinic in which I evaluate several Guild members’ first pages live and let you in on my thought process as I edit.

I always stick around at the end to answer your questions—my favorite part—of every workshop. Everyone benefits from each others’ questions.

We have already posted more than two years’ worth of monthly workshop recordings, so you can start learning as soon as you join!

“I am learning heaps from all the workshops and I have a great accountability partner who is really experienced in editing. I loved the Point of View workshop."

— Marilyn Beattie

“Your insight and encouragement are helping us discover our true North as writers.”

— John Tucker

“Thank you for providing these Thick-Skinned Manuscript Critique Clinics. They’re absolutely invaluable in teaching me to more confidently and “ferociously” edit not only my own work, but also others’ articles in several publications. Your commitment to Guild writers expands worldwide as we learn to communicate with greater clarity, power, and passion."

MarJean Peters

Office Hours

Online workshops won’t be the only chance you have to personally ask me questions.

I conduct a live Office Hours session each month — another opportunity for us to talk through any problems you may experience.

Struggling with a particular scene in your manuscript? Dialogue? Tension? Conflict? Let’s work through it together.

Dipping your toe into the publishing world? From book proposals to literary agents and from traditional to self-publishing, I’ve been through it all and can guide you.

Having difficulty simply getting started? I’ll show you how.

And again, the best part about these sessions? You’ll often learn as much from other people’s questions as you do from your own!

“It was kind of you to keep your Office Hours even while out of town on a work vacation. Your commitment to the Guild members is appreciated with heartfelt respect. Thanks bunches!”

— Beth Rayann Corder

“I feel like I'm the only guy in his office, and I'm sitting across the desk from him having coffee.”

Mark Schneider

“Office Hours always has something useful for me.”

— Trena Johnson

Writing and Publishing Master Classes:

Behind-the-Curtain Training from Industry Leaders

I’ve been fortunate to work with the brightest minds in the industry throughout my career. I can’t begin to quantify how much I’ve learned from the editors, publishers, fellow writers, literary agents, and others who have helped me become the writer I am today.

I’m eager to share with you the lessons I’ve learned from these brilliant people, so, throughout the year, I release new videos of Master Class, where I interview one of them and ask the questions you'd ask if you had the chance..

Just a few of those whose insights are already waiting for you in the Guild archives:

  • Jane Friedman, former editorial director at Writer’s Digest and now a leading publishing consultant
  • Donald Miller, expert storyteller and New York Times bestselling author
  • Chris Fabry, award-winning author and radio host
  • Steve Laube, one of the most respected literary agents in the Inspirational market
  • Andy Andrews, renowned speaker and author of 3 New York Times bestsellers

“Each class builds on the previous, giving different perspective and insight into mastering the craft. So far, each has impacted my craft-building.”

— Amaris Faith

“This class was simply amazing! The takeaways have totally revamped the way I view time management as it relates to being a serious writer. All of the Master Classes have been great, but I can say that I really had a major breakthrough with this one.”

— Morine Perry

“...I have learned so much about improving my editing and writing skills during this Guild journey. I absolutely love the Masters Classes, and feel I'm getting a higher education than any university could provide, with Jerry's relevant interview questions.”

— J Lynn Thomas

Manuscript Repair & Rewrite:

My Line-by-Line Feedback on Your Writing

Once a month, I edit, repair, and rewrite the first page of one lucky Guild member’s manuscript. Feel free to submit your own first page, and you could be chosen in any given month. You’ll have unlimited access to each Repair & Rewrite recording so you can review them at your own pace, 24/7.

These brutally honest (but not unkind) sessions have proven to be the most popular and instructive training exercises I do, and they give you the tools to become a ferocious self-editor—crucial to writing success.

“So happy for Manuscript Repair & Rewrite. I had 68,000+ words and was working on an ending when I joined the Guild. I followed your advice and changed to 3rd person. Now, I’m back to 40,000+ words and have a completely new novel that is stronger in every way.”

— Roy Epling

“Just finished listening, and I was in tears within the first 10 minutes. Why, you ask? It hit me right between the eyes with what I’ve been doing wrong and why I wasn’t achieving success. Now I’m equipped with the tools to achieve…and I will press on because I have found a family here at the Guild.”

Beth Casey

Fiction and Nonfiction Jumpstart Courses

You’ll also get access, at no extra charge, to my two premier online courses.

These are highly detailed roadmaps with dozens of lessons and writing exercises that show you how to write books that hook your reader and never let go.

You can access these online anywhere, anytime, on any device—and at your own pace.

These courses normally sell for $149 each, but you get unlimited access to them (and so much more) in the Guild.

“I just jumped into the Nonfiction Jumpstart course. Lots of good content to learn from. I needed this course and some accountability to get this project off the ground.”

— Kenneth Hines

“I really like the Fiction Jumpstart course. I’m not very far in it, but I was stuck on where to begin my new story and so far have almost eight new pages. I’ve had totally unexpected ideas and it’s great!”

Morine Perry

Ask Jerry

I’m dead serious about being your personal writing coach. 

You have writing questions. I have answers. So, I’m available.

Writing is a solitary profession--one of the realities that makes it so hard at which to succeed. Sure, you could Google your writing questions and hope for the best. But this way you can directly interact with a real author who’s been in the business for decades and written nearly 200 books, fiction and nonfiction. I’d like to think I can get you where you’re trying to go faster than a generic search engine. 😉

Once a week you can ask me any question about the writing or the publishing process—and I’ll answer as soon as I’m able, almost always within a day or two. You’ll get my personal input on your most pressing writing problem. And if I don’t know the answer, you can be sure I know someone in the industry who does. 

So don’t let a niggling question discourage or stop you. Just ask me.

"I’m SO excited to have Jerry Jenkins as our... mentor is the word that keeps coming to mind. The tools you are offering here will help us grow into solid writers. I’ve finally found the right place for not just learning and growth as a writer, but encouragement, support, guidance, and accountability as we move individually and collectively towards our various goals."

— Kristi Ross

“Through the guild I’ve gained a community that provides feedback, support, encouragement, and inspiration. I am thankful and blessed!”

Meagan Justus

How Much Does Membership Cost?

One of the biggest barriers to top-quality writing coaching like this has always been the cost, because in the past you had to attend a writers conference to get it.

That meant: travel and lodging and meal expenses, registration fee, time away from home, etc.

That’s why I’ve built a thriving community of over 1500 writers and 100s of hours of top-quality training you can access 24/7 without leaving your home, and at a fraction of the cost of a writers conference.

And because I want to make this decision as easy as possible for you, I’m letting you try the Guild for just ONE DOLLAR.

That $1 gives you full access to the Jerry Jenkins Writing Guild for two full weeks. During this 14-day trial, you can determine how transformative to your writing a membership can be.

Become a full member for 14 days for just $1 and take your first steps to becoming the writer you’ve dreamed of becoming.

And if it’s not all I promised it would be? It will have cost you one dollar.

Join the Guild for 14 Days for Just $1

Note: After 14 days, you will be automatically charged $49 per month for your membership. You can cancel this at any time or request to cancel before your 14 day trial ends by emailing us at

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

My number one goal is to help you make real, tangible progress as a writer. I want to boost your confidence and see your writing find its way into more hands and your message into more hearts.

If you join, actively engage with the material and community, and are unhappy with your investment for any reason, just let my team know via email within the first 30 days, and we’ll cheerfully send you a 100% refund. No hassle, no guilt trip, no questions asked.

Don’t Automatically Assume You Should Join The Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild

I admit, this is not for everyone.

This community is for you only if you’re serious about making real progress as a writer.

The Guild is NOT for you if:

You’re looking for a silver bullet to turn you into a bestselling author overnight.

I train you in techniques that will rapidly improve your writing—but there is no substitute for hard work and commitment.

You feel entitled to success.

Many online writing programs promise instant bestseller status, legions of adoring fans, and riches beyond your dreams. While that’s possible, I promise none of that, because nobody can. My goal is simply to help you succeed.

The first of my New York Times bestsellers was my 75th book. My first mega-bestseller, Left Behind? That was my 125th. I’ve been around long enough to know there are no guarantees, and anyone who tells you otherwise is steering you down a bad path.

I Will Promise This...

  • Apply yourself with passion, and you will improve and learn to produce writing you can be proud of.
  • You will learn what publishers are looking for and how to submit your work in ways that maximize its chance to sell.
  • No more going it alone. My team and I (as well as your fellow writers) will be in your corner, guiding you through every step of your journey.
  • You’ll have the same chance I and many of my students have enjoyed—to go from unknown writer to published author.

Become a Member NOW!

Finally Become the Writer You Were Meant to Be.

Note: After 14 days, you will be automatically charged $49 per month for your membership. You can cancel this at any time or request to cancel before your 14 day trial ends by emailing us at

Where Will You Be a Year from Now?

I know what it’s like to be where you are now.

Unknown. Unpublished. Wanting to improve. Wanting to finish your book. Wanting to be published. Wanting to get your message out.

You don’t lack desire or passion. You just don’t know how to actually do this.

I’ve designed my Writers Guild to get you where want to be, and as quickly as possible.

Just imagine...

Where might you be with consistent, daily access to such resources?

Wouldn’t you love to stop saying you’re working on a book.

Wouldn’t you rather love to be able to finally say: I finished my book. 

Become a Guild member for 14 days for just $1, and let me help you get there.

Jerry B. Jenkins

Become a Member NOW!

Finally Become the Writer You Were Meant to Be.

Note: After 14 days, you will be automatically charged $49 per month for your membership. You can cancel this at any time or request to cancel before your 14 day trial ends by emailing us at