Hey! Welcome to the brand-new Guild! Click here to read more


Welcome to the Brand-New Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild

The dramatically new and improved Guild is finally here!

It’s designed to help you…

  • Connect with other Guild members more meaningfully; and
  • Easily navigate our comprehensive training library.

We introduced Writers Groups this year (you’ll find it at the top of your screen), so you could connect with other members easily.

Now you can quickly identify which Group you want to join and begin working with other writers in your genre to improve your craft.

The Activity Feed to the right of your screen is where you’ll receive updates about all Guild activity, including:

  • Conversations in your Writers Groups
  • New additions to your Writers Groups
  • Forum discussions, group conversations, and anywhere else your name is mentioned
  • The newest training releases

Above that, click a silhouette icon to go to your Wall, where you can post status updates (just like on Facebook), and view your profile (where you can update your name, contact information, and picture).

To the left of the silhouette icon is the Guild calendar, a new Support section (with video guides coming soon) where you can report issues or ask questions, and a Search bar to help you find specific training.

I’m happiest about the Curriculum button at the top left of your screen. That’s designed to make our extensive library of knowledge less overwhelming. If you’ve struggled with even knowing where to start, click that button to enroll in specific training for the exact step you’re on in your writing journey and track your progress.

The Curriculum provides training for these paths:

  • Just Starting My Writing Journey
  • Currently Writing My Book
  • Editing My Finished Manuscript
  • Searching for a Publisher

You may be wondering whether you can still access all the old Guild training.

Yes, you can.

Use the toolbar on the left side of your screen to access Master Classes, Office Hours sessions, Online Workshops, Manuscript Repair & Rewrites, and Bonus Material, as well as the Fiction and Nonfiction Jumpstart courses.

Three major points about this Guild update:

1. It does not change how my team and I create and share training.

Guild content remains the same. I will still conduct Office Hours sessions, Master Classes, Manuscript Repair & Rewrites, and Live Online Workshops.

We’ve simply restructured the way training is presented, so it’s most helpful for you.

2. The new Guild helps you connect with and learn from other Guild members as easily as possible.

My team and I believe one of the most valuable parts of the Guild is the opportunity to build relationships with others in this incredible community of hardworking writers.

3. We have even more planned for you. ☺

Over the next few months, we’ll introduce:

  • Private messaging, so you can talk directly with the other members
  • Guild Ambassadors to facilitate meaningful interactions between members
  • Badges and point systems, so you can track your progress and easily identify Guild members who may be able to help you
  • Additional curriculum, so you can better focus on the training for your specific path

If you take advantage of all these new features, I’m confident they’ll drastically improve your writing.

I’m so glad you’re with us. ☺