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9 Days to Better Writing

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This quick-hitting course could also be called Guild 101, because it’s designed to teach you the most powerful techniques I teach—in just 9 short days.

You signed up for my Writers Guild because you believe your message has potential, but maybe you’re unable to convey it as clearly as you envisioned. 

Maybe your characters lie flat, your storyline is muddled, or you’ve simply hit a brick wall and don’t know how to get around it. 

Others might give up, but you’ve resisted that idea because you still believe in yourself and the potential of your message. This story is important to you, and you’re hoping the proper training can bring it to life. Well, by choosing the Guild, you’ve taken your first giant step in that journey. 

I’ve compiled the following video lessons from Master Classes, Online Workshops, and Manuscript Repair & Rewrite sessions. These will teach you important editing and writing concepts that can catapult your writing to the next level. 

With each Manuscript Repair & Rewrite session, I choose one Guild member’s submissions to edit. I explain my suggested adjustments and apply them, then show the new version. You’ll be amazed how omitting needless words and strategic rewriting  can make your prose jump off the page.

How to get the most out of these videos:

  1. Download my Manuscript Repair & Rewrite Sessions Guide, print it out, and reference it often. It contains most of the editing terms I use in the training. 
  2. Some MR&R sessions have the original submission in the download section.Try your hand at editing these before watching the video. It’ll be fun to compare your edits with mine. 
  3. Apply these concepts to your own writing as you watch the videos. Practice makes progress.

Let’s get started!