Manuscript Repair & Rewrite: Submit Your Page

Once a month, Jerry will select the first page only of one Guild member's manuscript for a Manuscript Repair & Rewrite, a recorded video where he line-edits and rewrites the entire page, walking you through his editing process. We release the video to all Guild members in the Manuscript Repair & Rewrite section.

NOTE: Submit just the first page of your work-in-progress, whether it be fiction (flash fiction, short story, novella, novel) or nonfiction (print or eZine article, blog post, or book).

Your attachment must meet the following guidelines for consideration:

  • Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file format
  • Normal Microsoft Word top, bottom, and side margins
  • Left justification, not full
  • .5” paragraph indents
  • Double-spaced
  • No extra space between paragraphs
  • 12 pt. Times New Roman font
  • Only one spacebar click between sentences
  • First page only of a work-in-progress
  • Your name should not appear on the page, as your work would be critiqued anonymously
  • Indicate fiction or nonfiction in document title

If you need help, please see this post.

Please login to the Guild to submit your manuscript.